The 28th Amendment

​​​​​The 28th Amendment will mandate public funding for all federal and state elections, and in doing so will permanently remove money as a negative influence on lawmakers.

A single Constitutional Amendment for the public funding of elections, gun ownership rights, gay rights, the ERA for women, and revoking birthright citizenship.

We the people are faced with a government that is gridlocked and incapable of governing. Our political system has deteriorated into a system of legalized bribery and extortion. Lincoln famously observed that Republics do not last, often they break apart under the stress of factionalism. Our Republic is in the process of breaking apart due to factionalism, political dis-function, and economic inequality. We have five common sense reforms to rally the greatest number. Voting by itself will not fix the problems that confront us. To achieve reform we intend to bring this government to heel by our refusal to participate or cooperate. We reject all violence against persons and property. We declare our movement as peaceful, but do not mistake our intent, we will preserve our Democratic Republic.

This movement will march in protest, it will engage in work stoppages, in sick outs, it will obstruct the wheels of the machinery of government in order to save that government from itself. We will support politicians who formally agree to support our reform. We will engage in a tax revolt to force our government to conform to our just cause. All domestic political reforms herein are designed for breathing new life into our dying Democracy. We feel that a divide and conquer strategy has been used against all Americans and with that in mind we have crafted reforms that bring together both liberal and conservative voters to enshrine an amendment to the Constitution that forever ends our current system of legalized bribery and extortion.

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The 28th Amendment political action committee
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